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Chilean Miners on a Pilgrimage
of Thanks to the Holy

Letters and more…
the story of the Alphabet

Hebrew Word Israel to promote the Dead Sea in the ‘New7Wonders of Nature’


Chilean Miners on a Pilgrimage of Thanks to the Holy

 “It isChilean Miners in Israel amazing to be here, in this place” said the miners who were invited on a Pilgrimage of Thanks following the 68-day of suffering underground.  Israel’ Ministry of Tourism, Stas Misezhnikov invited the miners so they will have the opportunity to have a thanksgiving to GOD in the very holy place of Jerusalem. During the pilgrimage tour the miners visited the Visa Delarosa, The Old City of Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, The Western Wall, Bethlehem, The Jordan River, Mount of the beatitudes and many other sites. “We thank the people of Israel for praying for us and for the hospitality we received…and we thank you for the opportunity to visit Jerusalem and Bethlehem and immerse ourselves in the waters of the River Jordan and the Dead Sea. We take unforgettable memories with us back to Chile”, wrote the 25 miners in a letter to the Tourism Ministry. After receiving the miners’ letter the Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov said: “The emotional pilgrimage of the Chilean miners shows the many religious sites in the Holy Land and served to highlight the exciting and unique spiritual and religious experience that awaits believers from all faiths. The visit, which took place during a time of instability in the Middle East, positioned Israel not only as a safe and attractive tourism destination in itself, but also as an island of stability in the region.”

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Letters and More... The Story of the Alphabet

Letters A new exhibition at the Tower of David Museum has opened to the public. As Jerusalem is a mosaic of peoples and cultures, it is also a blend of alphabets and languages. Until writing was common, communication was based on voices, drawing, smoke, fire and drums used to carry the messages from one place to another. Although the languages developed in different places they share a single source: A system of signs that was born in Canaan, the land of the meeting of cultures.  


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(yashar) honest, sincere, straight, candid, direct, frank.

In the bible the word is used many times in that context.  IIn modern Hebrew the common meaning of the word is honest and direct.

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For the word of the LORD is right and true;” Psalms 33:04.

Israel to promote the Dead Sea in the ‘New7Wonders of Nature’

Dead Sea Coin 2011Dead Sea Coin 2011Israel, in corporation with Jordan and the PA decided to promote the candidacy of the Dead Sea in the ‘New7Wonders of Nature’ campaign. To help promote the Dead Sea and increase it chances to win, Israel dedicated a special budget of 8.75 Million NIS ($2.5 million) and announced of a new 10 NIS coin on May 2011. The Dead Sea made it to the final with 27 other sites and the competition will be concluded in November 2011. This competition is based on numbers of votes Dead Seaaccumulated for the Dead Sea by individuals. Your vote is important, visit and help The Dead Sea to be the lowest wonder of the world

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