Travel Your Way    

Dear Group Leader,

The question "Why should I lead a tour to the Holy Land?" is often asked by pastors and ministries.

The number of answers you  get is definitely higher than the number of people you ask.

By far, the most common feedback we receive is: "It brings the bible to life" and "It was better than anything I imagined". More interesting is the next question: "Will you lead another tour?" and the answer is always: "Yes, I have to".

This is a great example for the many benefits a pastor and the church members might have from this tour.


For your convenience we compiled  the reasons, as reported by our clients, that motivate group leaders to lead a tours to the holy land :

1.      It helps me personally to better understand the bible.

2.      I know that our mission as Christians will be clearer.

3.      The church enjoys more attendants after each tour.

4.      The teaching from the tour can be easily assimilated into our daily life.

5.      God's presence in well perceived in the biblical sites.

6.      The spiritual teachings contribute to the fellowship like nothing else.

7.      It elevates my reputation and the church's  in the community.

8.      It increases the involvement of church members in church life.

9.      It Increases the biblical knowledge of teachers and educator of the church.

10.  I Get to know my church members better.

11.  You can teach better  the scriptures when people are surrounded by the holy sites, and feel the spirituality around  them.

12.  My teaching is more effective after each tour.

13.  Church members report that after the tour they emphasize more personal relationships, and spirituality  then  financial achievements  .

14.  Every tour is a source to many powerful teachings.