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Mission Statement: To allow every person the understanding of the bible in his unique way through exploration of the holy sites in tour that is a life changing experience.

About Us: We, in Travel your way provide our services based on our clients’ requests and needs. We have learned that the only way to satisfy our clients is to help them realize their plans and desires.

The incredible impact one feels when taking these tours is well recognized. The spiritual elevation is such, that upon returning the traveler feels the need to incorporate the written word into his daily life to add beauty and meaning to his world.

We believe that to better understand the bible, a person needs to read it personally and increase the feeling of reality towards it. One way of doing so is visiting the places, seeing them with one's own eyes, and experiencing them.

Our tours are designed to bring the bible to life in such a way that the travelers will understand the stories better and love them.

Travel Your way is committed to making your experience special. Our 20 years of experience and excellent stuff will ensure your delight.

We have been developing unique itineraries, promotional tools and educational ideas to help tour leaders maximize the benefits of this once in a lifetime experience.

We work with leaders in travel industry such as Delta, Continental and Travelex insurance to support our operations.

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Mission Statement

Costumer's Letters 

Meet Out Staff

Mr. Ofer Oved 



Mr. Ofer Oved
Tour Guide.
Tour Guide Diploma.
Business Coach.

Business Consultant.
General Management.
Tour guide since 1992.

Sales and marketing in Israel's tourism field since 1996.

Sales and marketing management in the US since 2006.

Mr. Oved’s first steps as a specialist in domestic tourism in Israel were made when he began hiking as a youth in the trails of Israel.

His love to the land developed into a profession when he becomes a professional tour guide. His knowledge and experience help him create unique itineraries that increase travelers’ understanding and enjoyment of the history, religions and the nature of Israel. Mr. Oved’s managerial career at the nature reservation ‘Park Yakum’ and as a sales and marketing manager at ‘Tzukey Yeelim’ led him to develop special methods that would enable to pinpoint the clients’ needs and to best customize a program for them. Since 2006 Mr. Oved resides in Southeast US. He became well acquainted with the various practices of Christianity and Judaism, this knowledge is one of the advantages Mr. Oved has when selling and customizing tours to religion institutes. His administration and management skills, and his tendency to follow through the smallest details, ensure his customers’ tours are executed in a most professional way to his clients’ great satisfaction.

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Customers’ letters:

“Dear brother Ofer,

Thank you so very much for everything that you did to make our trip to the Holy Land such a wonderful experience. I truly appreciate your time, help, and expertise in planning such an incredible journey to Israel. Thanks for your personal attention and hard work. May the Lord richly bless you!”

Sincerely, Pastor Paul Noe, Sweetwater Baptist Church


"We want to express our great appreciation and thanks for your service, your devotion and care in helping us with our annual tour, and taking care of all the details (just to remained you that the tour was organized in one week)”  

Efrat Malta, tours manager, Catzir high school, Holon



I am writing to thank you for arranging our trip to Israel.  The entire tour was just amazing.  Yochai was so impressive with his scholarly knowledge of the sites, the history and the biblical meanings.  He was also a source of endless energy, kind and joy to get to know.  Yosi was also wonderful and we trusted we were in good hands with his amazing maneuvers in all sorts of challenging driving environments.

But most important, we all felt we were treated to a wonderful adventure.  All the sites were meaningful to us.  The combination of educational, spiritual and physical activities was a perfect mix.  Each day was packed, yet we always had enough time to fully enjoy each stop, and never had too much time on the bus.  I can speak for the group when I say that we all were very personally and intimately touched by our experiences. 

Thank you so much, you did such a great job in putting together our tour.  We are so pleased with you, and your wonderful counterparts in Israel. 

Izy Nardin, Temple Beth Shalom.


“I want to thank you from the button of my heart for your time, your help and your devotion in preparing the annual tour. You shared our responsibility for the safety of our 190 students. I was very happy to know a prudent and professional colleague who cares and is above all affable and polite. The tour at all its stages was successful and joyful. Please transfer our thanks and appreciations to the wonderful tour guides”

Michal Aslan – 7th class manager,

Hashahar middle school, Hod Hasarom


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Mission Statement

Meet Our Staff

Costumer's Letters